Wednesday, November 12, 2008

East Bound

So... there's a really good chance ill be going to Maryland towards the end Jan for two weeks. I'm way stoked on this, seeing how i haven't been on an airplane or to the east coast since i was little. Going to be flying out to Maryland to help my friend Glenn drive back out here to Apple Valley. So far the only talked about plans are a New York trip, maybe a Hockey game and Vegas on the way home. Plenty of pictures will come from this trip, and then i will update the post.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

nights like these

yesterday/last night was pretty eventful. started my day with a call from Eric L which is always nice. He skated to my house, we chilled and watched little people big world, always good lulz. called Anythony to figure out the plans, where we decided to meet at erics. we drove to his house and posted up on the couch. anthony came over, hadnt seen him in forever, it was great. we all went into the computer room where we sat and watched conspiracy theory films on youtube for a couple hours. went outside where we stood and talked of memories past, nasty girls, STD's, things we've done to vacuum cleaners, etc...

anthony made it really clear he was thristy, then eric said the fruitista's at taco bell are bomb. a short stop at my house to feed my dog and we rolled. Lack of Interest, and Trash Talk were bumpin' full effect. tried to drive to del taco, forgetting its at taco bell. got to TB to find out nobody had money....bust. with the small amount of money i had it wasnt going to be wasted on taco bell. so we walked to Juice it up where i bought drinks for me and anthony. chilled in front of starbucks awaiting the arrival of hawt chicks..bust.

decided to go to Nubi's to see if someone eric knew was working to try for some free goods.. it was a no-go, and Nubis was crawling with haters giving us the stink eye. so we all walked to target and acted silly, eric had to yell balls at the top of his lungs right when we walked in... ever had 50 people look at you at once? sucked....

made our way back to electronics to see if Rob Roy was working, and he was..Success! walked around a bit more, anthony said he swore a kid was trying to steal, so we lurked him hard. after that we headed down to petsmart, nothing much came of this. we headed back towards the car parked near Nubi's, eric thinks we need to walk by nubis again for fun i guess. ended up running across both Alex's, funny thing being that only Alex C stopped and said hi and gave me a hug...odd seeing how i hardly know her, but i know the other alex really well and she hardly acknowledged me. owell.

went to erics, where we attempted a mini prank call on JB, he rolled over a bit after. we all sat in erics driveway in lawn chairs and just chatted about randomness, anthony got way stoked on the iphone, we all made fun of aldos 2-step, and JB headbutted anthony, which ended our night.

miss those guys way too much, its nights like those that keep me alive.

sorry if this blog was too long, written or constructed badly....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

very new

Try to stick with me, while im new to the world of blogging.
More to come once i actually do something interesting enough worth posting